How It Works

Our Mirror Booth in action







Our Roamer is a game changer

The roamer is a great add-on to any mirror package or a stand alone for those on a tighter budget or when space is an issue.  Let us work the crowd and bring the fun to them. Giving your guests options to take Photos, GIF's or Boomerangs. This is a great  booth because it allows us to interact with so many people in such a short period of time.  Whether gathered at a table or letting loose on the dance floor we can capture it all with this portable and compact booth. Since it is so user friendly we like to bring our stand along so your guests can use it at their leisure. The exciting part is all images can be text or emailed instantly to your phone. 

Grab a Prop

We offer props for every occasion. Whether you prefer signs, boa's, hats or glasses we have you covered. 




Strike a Pose!

Follow the animated prompts as the mirror guides through your photo experience & say cheese!





Sign the Mirror

Sign or draw directly on the mirror to personalize your photo.





Collect Your Prints

Don't forget to grab your printed photo or text it using our MMS feature.


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